Canadian & Cuban Photographer - Microcosm Photography , Lorraine Susak

Freelance digital photographer experienced in tourism, editorial/photojournalism , advertising, community event, commercial and stock photography. Emphasis on rural and urban landscapes or nature in British Columbia, Canada and Cuba.

"Photography makes one conscious of beauty everywhere, even in the simplest things, even in what is often considered commonplace or ugly. Yet nothing is really 'ordinary’, for every fragment of the world is crowned with wonder and mystery, and a great and surprising beauty" ~Alvin Langdon Coburn

This webpage is currently under construction.   I became very disorganized and not enough time to hold a camera in my hand and keep up with this.  So I  hired Personified Consulting to manage the website and social media accounts for Microcosm Photography, a service i highly recommend.  I know they've been worth the time and investment because it recently made my art known to Virgin Atlantic Blog, who sought my permission to use my photos:   "Authentic Cuban Food Culture in Vinales" .  Which I might add, is an excellent read and wonderful travel resource page.  And more importantly, it has freed up time, for me to concentrate on lugging my camera around! 

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