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Ashcroft to Cache Creek; Highway 97C

Ashcroft to Cache Creek, British Columbia: [Highland Valley Road] Highway 97C.

Highway 97C is a relatively new route, commissioned on October 1, 1990, which is 220km in total length, was constructed as the third phase of the Coquihalla Highway Project. Construction was completed in 1990, with the cost totalling to $225 million in 1987 dollars ($373 million inflation adjusted 2009 dollars). The route begins near Trepanier, at a location on Highway 97 known as Drought Hill. The section of Highway 97C east of Merritt is expressway and freeway east of Aspen Grove, with a speed limit of 110 km/h and between 4 and 6 lanes. Expressway and freeway sections have very few exits along its route. Its highest altitude is the Pennask Summit (1728m above sea level). Highway 97C travels on this freeway 82km northwest to Aspen Grove, where it converges with Highway 5A. This stretch is a four-lane rural arterial highway. Highways 97C and 5A share the 28km long route between Aspen Grove and Lower Nicola, where Highway 5A diverges immediately east and Highway 8 begins. 97C was originally intended to have a freeway connection with the Coquihalla Highway 5 approximately 30KM south of Merrit BC near exit 256. Due to protest by local residents in Merritt on the grounds that it would take tourists away from the area the project was postponed and the freeway remains incomplete to this day. In July 2007, the shared roadway of Highway 5A and 97C was upgraded to a 2 lane road in each direction, the last segment required to enable 2 lanes in each direction when travelling between Vancouver and Kelowna. North of the Highway 8 junction, Highway 97C goes north for 42km to Logan Lake, then northwest for 57km to Ashcroft on the Canadian National Railway. Highway 97C then travels 6km west from Ashcroft to where it converges with Highway 1, which takes Highway 97C north for its final 5km to its end at Highway 97 in Cache Creek.

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Ashcroft to Cache Creek; Highway 97C