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Brookmere; Kettle Valley Railway Water Tower

Brookmere, British Columbia is located between Brook and Spearing Creeks, S of Shovelnose Mountain, S of Merritt

"Origin Notes and History:
Brookmere (Post Office & Railway Station) adopted 6 October 1936 on Geological Survey sheet 421A, Hope, as labelled on BC map 2B, 1914, and on BC Lands topographic survey "Otter Creek and vicinity, Similkameen and Nicola Valleys", by R.D. McCaw, 1925. Form of name changed to Brookmere (Railway Station) (date not cited); further changed to Brookmere (Locality) 29 November 1984 for 1985 Gazetteer (Ottawa file 203-2). Confirmed 3 July 1990 on 92 H/15. Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office"
[cited: BC Government 2013]

"The water tower at Brookmere is the last surviving water tower on the Kettle Valley Railroad. It has been moved off of its foundations on to private property. It is also one of the most unique water towers that one can find, mainly due to the double funnels on it. One side was for the KVR and the other side was for the GNR. It seems the track from here to Princeton was a shared endeavor with the GNR."
[cited: Touring The Kettle Valley Railway]

"Photography is a great excuse for seeing things you ordinary wouldn’t." ~Chirstopher Beirne

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Brookmere; Kettle Valley Railway Water Tower