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Corbett Lake; Corbett Lake Lodge

Corbett Lake, British Columbia, once named Garcia Lake.

Origin Notes and History:
"James Corbett of south Nicola owned Lot 715, KDYD, prior to the turn of the century. Originally called Garcia Lake. There was also an M.E. Corbett on Lot 1589. Source: Lean, Pat; Nicola Valley Place Names; unpublished manuscript, 1993

After an old settler, James Corbett, farmer, owner of Lot 715, Kamloops District, who settled here c1890 (c1927 information from R.D. McCaw, BCLS) Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office "

[cited: BC Government 2013]

"Corbett Lake Lodge’s “claim to fame” is its international reputation for trophy trout fishing. In fact, it has been featured in many fishing magazine articles and books as a premier North American fly fishing destination resort. The lake has controlled access, is fly fishing only, and continues to be actively managed by an annual stocking program."
[cited: Corbett Lake Lodge]

"For my part, I may say that before I commenced photography I did not see half the beauties in nature that I do now, and the glory and power of a precious landscape has often passed before me and left but a feeble impression on my untutored mind; but it will never be so again." ~ Samuel Bourne

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Corbett Lake; Corbett Lake Lodge