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Craigellachie; The Last Spike

"Craigellachie, British Columbia, is a small community located at the west entrance to EAGLE PASS. Craigellachie was the place where Donald SMITH drove the symbolic "last spike" in a ceremony marking the completion of the CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, 7 Nov 1885. It was named for a rocky crag in Morayshire, Scotland, where Smith grew up. The battle cry "stand fast" is associated with the Morayshire crag. Smith and fellow Scotsman George STEPHEN felt the need of this battle cry during the building of the scandal- and financial-plagued railway. Craigellachie was designated a national historic site in 1971."
[Cited: The Canadian Encylopedia 2013]

"Origin Notes and History:
"When George Stephen was in England in 1884, and Donald Smith was in Montreal, Stephen sent his cousin Smith a telegram of encouragement as he was in the process of obtaining more funds for the railroad. The rock was known to the two cousins when they were children in the neighbourhood and the words of the telegram were merely "Stand fast, Craigellachie." (Gibbon, J.M., Steel of Empire, New Yrod, 1935, p.278) The place chosen to drive the last spike of the CRP was on the Eagle Pass, discovered twenty years before by Walter Moberly, and named "Craigellachie" in memory of the historic telegram from Stephen to Smith
(ibid, p.294) Source: Provincial Archives of BC "Place Names File" compiled 1945-1950 by A.G. Harvey from various sources, with subsequent additions"
[cited: BC Government 2013]

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Craigellachie; The Last Spike