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Eholt is a ghost town in British Columbia, Canada, 14 km from present day Greenwood. It was named for Louis Eholt, the man who provided the land for the village.

The town of Eholt was founded in 1898 and served as a CPR headquarters for the hauling of copper mined in nearby Phoenix. At its peak Eholt had a population of 300 and boasted five hotels, three restaurants, a livery, a butcher shop, a drug store, a clothing and dry goods store, a blacksmith shop and other amenities. Eholt's initial proseperity did not last long however. A CPR strike in 1908 was enough to drive many of the townsfolk away. The town clung for survival until 1912 when a fire broke out. Later that year, most of the CPR facilities were moved to Grand Forks. Eholt died in 1949 with the closing of its post office. By this time the population had dwindled to 17.

Today, all that remains of Eholt is a cement pillar, the foundations of the station and section house, and a commemorative sign in the midst of farm land. The foundation of the third water tower still stands about 700 metres to the east of the station foundation.

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