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Fintry Provincial Park

Fintry Provincial Park, British Columbia includes 360 hectares of the former Fintry Estate, a heritage site with a colourful history. From the delta area to a forested area made up of ridges and deep slopes, this park offers two dramatically different topographical areas. There is over 2 km of waterfront with surrounding mountains and deep canyons. Shorts Creek passes through a deep canyon creating a series of waterfalls and deep pools. With almost two kilometres of waterfront property, the park has opportunities for camping, swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and wildlife viewing. Recreational users can enjoy the natural sand beach while wildlife viewers can hike the Canyon trail and view a variety of birds, small mammals, deer and bighorn sheep in the higher regions.

Historical features throughout the park include the Manor House, the octagonal barn and several other farm buildings. A small wetland area located south of the Packing House, a portion of lakeshore and the Shorts Creek corridor and canyon below Westside Road are designated Special Feature-Natural Conservation Areas. Notable features within the zone include a large eagle’s nest, old growth cottonwoods and several wildlife trees, Shorts Creek waterfall and kokanee spawning grounds. The Fintry Manor House, garden, the barns, remnant power generation and irrigation systems are special heritage features.

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Fintry Provincial Park