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Fintry Provincial Park; Fintry Falls & Shorts Creek Trail

Shorts Creek Trail, the gorge is located in the Fintry Provincial Park, which is located on the NW side of Okanagan Lake, British Columbia

"Origin Notes and History:
After Captain Thomas Dolman Shorts (1837-1921), pioneer steamboat captain on Okanagan Lake, and who had pre-empted Lot 686 near the mouth of this creek in 1883. (July 1930 letter, file N.3.26). Also Shorts Point. Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office

After Captain Thomas Dolman Shorts (1837 - 1921) pre-emptor here, 1883, and pioneer ship-master on Okanagan Lake. Operated the Ruth Shorts, a large rowboat named after his mother in early 1880s, followed by the first steamboat, Mary Victoria Greenhow, in 1886, the Jubilee in 1887, and the Penticton in 1890. The creek is shown as "Elk River" on McDonald's Sketch, 1827, and as "R. a la Biche - Fine Mill Site" on Anderson's Map, 1867. (Biche; hind; female red deer.) Shuswap name of creek, Ni-kwin-i-o-ti-a-tin, "where they were caught." Shorts sold his land, lot 686, approximately 2500 acres, in 1890. In 1909 the property was bought by Captain James Cameron Dun-Waters, former Glasgow newspaper owner, who named the place Fintry, after the family home in Stirlingshire; before his death on October 16, 1939, he presented it to the Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm Schools. (12th Report of the Okanagan Historical Society, 1948, citing Ok. 6:220, 225, 260; Dawson, "Shuswap", 43; Mrs. Dun-Waters) Source: included with note"
[cited: BC Government 2013]

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Fintry Provincial Park; Fintry Falls & Shorts Creek Trail