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The Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) is a regional district in the province of British Columbia, Canada. On June 29th, 1967 the Thompson-Nicola Regional District was incorporated. In 2007 Greater Vancouver Regional District updated their name to: Metro Vancouver Regional District (GVRD). The GVRD area encompassing Vancouver and surrounding municipalities W of Mission, S of Lions Bay.

Origin Notes and History (City of Vancouver):
Named in 1886 at the suggestion of Sir W.C. VanHorne, then-CEO of the CPR, after Captain George Vancouver, RN, (1757-1798), famous explorer of the Pacific Coast of Northwest America, who had visited these waters 1790 - 1792. Vancouver, of Dutch descent, was born at the East Anglia port of King's Lynn in 1757, and returned to England in 1795 from his historic adventures. He was a broken man, in debt, in poor health, and more scorned than celebrated. He chose Petersham in Surrey as his home and lived there until his death 18 May 1798, age 40. Buried in the ancient churchyard of St. Peter's Church, his grave was later restored and is maintained by a trust from the City of Vancouver. Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office
[Cited: BC Government 2013]

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“The photograph is completely abstracted from life, yet it looks like life. That is what has always excited me about photography.” ~ Richard Kalvar

Vancouver; Vancouver-Chinatown, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park

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Vancouver; Vancouver-Chinatown, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park