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Mount Griffin Provincial Park; Wap Lake

The Wap Creek, British Columbia wetlands and Wap Lake can be reached using the Wap Creek forest service road, which starts at the Trans-Canada Highway just west of Three Valley Gap.

"Mount Griffin is a remote park lying southwest of Three Valley Gap. It was created to protect a range of ecosystems, from valley bottom wetlands to alpine and subalpine environments. It consists of three separate areas, partially surrounding Mount Griffin Ecological Reserve. There is a small campsite in the park at Caribou Lake (west side of the park) and a Forest Recreation Site at Wap Lake (just outside the southwest corner of the park).

Most the park has been unaffected by human activity. Railroad logging took place in the upper Wap River valley in the early part of the century."

[Cited: BC Parks 2013]

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Mount Griffin Provincial Park; Wap Lake