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Quilchena; Quilchena Hotel

The Quilchena Hotel, is located on the shores of the Nicola Lake, British Columbia

The Guichon brothers left the grazing region of the Savoie in France and arrived in California in 1857. They immediately trekked north to Canada in pursuit of the Cariboo gold rush in British Columbia. When the rewards of prospecting became marginal, they pursued other interests which eventually led them to the ranching region of the Nicola Valley.

Joseph, the youngest of the brothers, acquired ranch property in Quilchena and it was here that he decided to build the Quilchena Hotel. Exemplifying European elegance in a western setting, the hotel officially opened on July 3, 1908.

These were prosperous times, a railway line was rumored, Nicola Lake was a popular tourist destination, and the hotel was an overnight stopover for stagecoaches. Unfortunately business reduced due to WWI, the automobile and prohibition, forcing the hotel to close in 1917. In 1958 the hotel re-opened and has been receiving guests ever since.

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Quilchena; Quilchena Hotel