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Vernon; Polson Park

"Polson Park, Vernon, British Columbia is located near the heart of Vernon, adjacent to Highway 97 and Highway 6. The park was established in 1908 when Samuel Polson donated a large parcel of land to the city."
[Cited: City of Vernon]

"Samuel Polson was the son of Manitoba Pioneers, Mr. and Mrs.Polson. In the early 1900's Polson owned a farm between Stonewall and Stony Mountain. Samuel had bought this home from a wealthy Englishman, for his growing family of nine children.

Polson could be frequently seen riding his bicycle to and from various business endeavours. He was raised at a time when there was little money. and his success was purely on his own determination. He put himself through school. and left college a Methodist minister. Polson was a very shrewd businessman, mainly dealing in real-estate. On the long trips that his bicycle wouldn't take him, he travelled by train, storing his bike in the baggage compartment. When Polson arrived at his destination. he would then use the bike for transportation.

Polson was a man of vision, many of his ideas seeming strange to the people of the time. But Polson was later to be known as an entrepreneur. After constantly buying and selling land Polson moved his family to the Okanagan. In 1904, Polson arrived in Enderby, purchasing the Harvey & Dobson buildings and stock. This established his sons in the merchandise business. But Samuel continued to spread his investments. becoming engaged in many enterprises in Enderby, Vernon, and Armstrong. Polson turned over to the city of Enderby the property that' the old hospital used to stand on. He also made large property gifts to the city of Vernon, including Polson Park, named after him. Polson was elected mayor of Enderby in 1915 and again in 1923, and in the year of 1917. was an alderman and school trustee. In 1931, Samuel Polson passed away at the age of 80 years."

[cited: Enderby Museum]

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Vernon; Polson Park