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Vidette Lake; Gold Mines

Vidette Lake lies at the northern end of Deadman Valley, British Columbia.

As early as 1898 gold had been found in the Deadman area, but it was not until the winter of 1931 when more extensive surveying was done by an American geologist. He employed seven men at Vidette Lake and confirmed the presence of gold-bearing quartz veins. Equipment and supplies were shipped to Vidette in 1932 and a portable sawmill was set up to provide lumber for above and below ground construction. ... Shares of Vidette Mines Ltd. were sold on the market by 1933 with public announcements that once the road was built concentrates would be shipped. ...

By 1934, a town site with log huts surrounded the mine site, which consisted of a two-storey bunkhouse with electric lights, flush toilets and showers, a cookhouse and a portable sawmill. Over 125 men were employed and with their families, the town site grew quickly to a village. The payroll at the mine alone was about $75,000, in 1934 dollars and during the Great Depression, which made a significant economic impact on the region.

The village continued to develop over the 6 years that the mine ran in full operation. During those years the mine covered 5 miles of tunnels, including one under the lake. The company built 17 km of roads and about 28,000 ounces of gold was extracted and shipped. Mine operations reduced capacity in 1938 and with the onset of World War II in 1939 and dwindling ores, the mine closed down and the surrounding village was abandoned over time.
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Vidette Lake; Gold Mines