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Walhachin Bridge

The Walhachin Bridge, is east of Cache Creek, British Columbia and spans the Thompson River and was erected in 1911.

"This bridge is noteworthy as an early documented example of design work by legendary engineering firm Waddell and Harrington. Waddell is a name well known to bridge historians for many things, foremost his publications on bridge engineering of the period in his books entitled De Pontibus and Bridge Engineering. At the time this bridge was built, Waddell had not yet published the 1916 Bridge Engineering. Waddell and Harrington is also one of the earliest of a series of related engineering firms and names, which have changed and morphed to become what is today the HNTB Corporation.

Waddell and Harrington was noted for its work with movable bridges, but this bridge represents their work with fixed bridges. The bridge consists of two nine panel Pratt through truss spans. The trusses appear to retain good historic integrity including original plaques on the bridge. The bridge was constructed by Algoma Steel Bridge Company, a company associated with Algoma Steel, a major fabricator in Canada.
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Walhachin Bridge